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We're Luke and Jill, a Fulbright Teaching Fellow and MBA and Organizational Coach from Fort Collins, Colorado. Thanks for stopping by!

You might know us from our podcasts, Youtube videos, and social media posts helping adults with ADHD live their best lives. 
We’re also founders of The Rio System, one of the world’s best online resources for adults with ADHD.

Our Story

From Unemployment and Overwhelm to 
Prosperity and Wellness

From Director-to-be to the Unemployment Line

I (Luke) thought I had finally caught a break: I’d been selected to become the new director of a school for adults in Fort Collins, Colorado.

I couldn’t believe my luck. I’d only just started working there a year ago, and, unlike so many other jobs, I was finally getting rewarded for my performance.

But then everything changed.

Before I could start my new role, the school was closed, due to COVID. 

In a few weeks, I went from thinking that I would be a director with double the salary to being unemployed with my whole family on Medicaid. 

But sometimes things happen for a reason that we can’t see at the moment.

Crisis = Danger + Opportunity

In Chinese the word for Crisis is made up of a symbol for danger combined with one for opportunity.

Newly unemployed, I discussed the pandemic with my good friend, an organizational coach, Jill Brito. We saw that the whole U.S. educational system was going to be turned on its head.

Students were going to be expected to pay attention in online classes, while turning in assignments and keeping up to date on homework… all on their own.

I remembered my school days. I have inattentive-type ADHD. I was so messy in grade school that they gave me two desks. And after a few weeks, I’d filled both so full of garbage that they were unusable.

I’d had enough trouble paying attention in regular classes–how could I have ever paid attention in an online class? And kept all my assignments straight? Not to mention homework and due dates?

So we opened Journey Online Tutoring, a teen coaching and tutoring company.
As you know, one thing leads to another.

What did we discover?

Not only were teens falling behind and becoming completely overwhelmed… but so were their parents.
And one group was getting hit harder than any other: Adults with ADHD.

From Helping with Homework to Saving Parents
from ADHD Overwhelm

It turned out the best way to holistically help the lives of the teens was to give their parents the tools to simplify their lives, stop procrastinating, and achieve their goals.

And Jill and I had these tools.

She had been studying and teaching organizational techniques, and I had read every book that I could get my hands on in the hopes of taming my own ADHD symptoms.

Together, we held the key to alleviate the suffering of adults with ADHD.

At the beginning, it was only a few parents who signed up for one-on-one coaching. But as word spread, we quickly moved to group classes, and then, eventually, an on-demand course.

While we were teaching the course, we were also refining it, streamlining it, and learning how to best teach adults with ADHD. (They don’t want a lecture! They want to see it done and build it for themselves!)

The end result was a method to move adults with ADHD from floundering to flourishing that we called The Rio System.

Skin in the Game

Not only do We teach The Rio System;
We use it every day.

The Rio System keeps our lives from falling into chaos.

It stops anxiety and overwhelm. Every second of the day, we know what we're doing.

We're finishing projects that we start, keeping ourselves from getting involved in time-sucks, and watching our lives grow in the areas we want them to….

Because in the end, we need to know what we would do if we had more time and energy.

Where can we put these most valuable resources, so that we’ll see our lives truly improve?

A Final Note from Luke

When someone asks me what The Rio System has done for me, I don’t just tell them it has enabled and empowered my life. I show them my schedule.

On a yearly, monthly, or weekly basis, I…

  • Enjoy a date night with my wife every Friday
  • Put my finances in order, so that I consistently give, save, and invest–with no debt
  • Work out daily and play basketball twice a week, minimum
  • Have lunch or dinner with friends weekly 
    Set boundaries to eliminate toxic people from my life
  • Consistently finish personal projects: most recently, we put the final touches on a super beneficial, free Overcome ADHD Overwhelm on-demand workshop
  • Encourage my son to excel in school with his own hyperactive-type ADHD, enjoy parkour, and hone his serious artistic ability
  • Travel to Brazil yearly to relax and visit friends and family
  • Most importantly, I’m making a habit of my daily spiritual practice, which for me consists of meditation, reading, practicing gratitude, and journaling.

I believe you too were meant to live life to the fullest, whatever that looks like for you. It is possible. Let us help you achieve it with The Rio System.

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