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The Rio System - Thrive Video Course for Adults with ADHD

3 Steps to:

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As someone with ADHD, are you....

  • Tired of impulsively starting projects you never finish?
  • Overwhelmed by all of your personal and professional responsibilities?
  • Constantly feeling stressed, anxious, and worried?
  • Feel like you've lost control and just want to 'escape' your crazy life?

We get it. You're not alone.

We spent 3 years developing an online video course specifically designed to help adults with ADHD move from chaos to control.

Debbie H.

The Rio System showed me that I can easily complete projects and goals that have been hovering over me for a long time. Previously, I never had time to tackle and finish them - now they are done!

Nicky G.

The Rio System immediately brought order to my mess. Life is more manageable now. More time for my kids, less stress, and more focus on the parts of life that are essential.

Rachel G.

I love the flexibility of The Rio System, how each person can adapt it to their unique lifestyle and goals. I’m a stay-at-home-mom, and The Rio System helped me to get my long, chaotic to-do list out of my head and into the system. It also gave me a framework for understanding next steps and overcoming decision paralysis. Jill and Luke are fantastic. I would highly recommend The Rio System to anyone looking to get organized.

Meet your Coaches

Luke Hammons is a blogger, author, and coach. He and Jill Brito created The Rio System, a method to move adults with ADHD from floundering to flourishing.

He is also a Fulbright Teaching Fellow, husband, and father. He currently lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, but he and his family travel as much as they can to his wife, Sheila's, home of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Jill Brito is an MBA, Organizational Coach, Teacher, Wife, and Mother, and co-founder of The Rio System.

As someone who spent years battling crippling anxiety both personally and professionally, Jill now helps clients learn how to take what used to make them overwhelmed, stressed, and miserable and find simple ways to take them head on with confidence & peace.

In addition to being a founder and owner of The Rio System, Jill is also a public school teacher, teaching Spanish at a dual-language immersion school.

Are You Ready to Get Organized and Flourish?

Commit yourself to learn the 3 steps to simplify your life, achieve your goals, and stop procrastinating, so you can prioritize activities to keep you healthy, successful, and at peace.

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